Erwes-Reifenberg is a certificated precision and high-performance mould manufacturer which since 1976 has been making injection moulds for guarantee-closures and special closures, child-proof and one-hand fliptop caps, snap-on and screw caps, packaging parts and diverse technical parts for the electrical engineering and automotive industries and exporting these products worldwide to 80 countries.

You can rely on our support from the development of the article, to the prototype and pilot tool stages through to the finished series-production tool, thus enabling you to take full advantage of our complete process chain under a single roof. Our comprehen­sive range of services includes tests and process optimizations of series-production tools under production conditions in our Technical Centre, excellent After Sales Service, training courses and acceptance procedures.

Our actions are based on firm values that we live in our daily dealings with customers and employees. These include fairness, Honesty, Reliability, Fighting Spirit, Respect, Innovation, Security, Team Spirit and Enthusiasm on technology as well as on details.

  1. 1976

    Founding of the “ERREI” company in Dünschede

  2. 1976-1980


  3. 1976-1980


  4. 1980

    Move to Weringhausen and renaming as “Erwes Reifenberg”

  5. 1986

    Expansion of production area

  6. 1990

    Expansion of production area

  7. 2001

    Expansion of production area, new building

  8. 2012

    Constant further development of internal processes

  9. 2013

    Constant further development of internal processes

  10. 2018

    Admission of John Erwes to the management

We pride ourselves on the vast technical competence of our staff, which we view as an essential precondition for our innovation performance and is a result of regular training courses, close observation of the market and the integration of the latest, state-of-the-art technologies.

Feasibility studies examine the results and optimize them up to the production stage ensuring short design and delivery times.

Precision planning, the inclusion of all customer-specific data and essential practical knowledge all play a crucial role in the service life and performance of a tool.

We aim to provide high throughput rates, short set-up times and profitable batch sizes. We rely on customer feedback and strive to take into account every individual wish expressed by the customer in order to create a unique tailor-made product.

We see top quality and the application of state-of-the-art technologies as something you can take for granted. We are focused on the service area with ongoing counselling and support for our customers. We are your contact partner for the development of complete assemblies, we prepare article drawings and we have all the coordinates at our disposal.

You can also rely on our support for the testing of prototypes and pilot moulds and for the coordination of individual parts up to the production stage.

Amongst many other areas, we specialise in closure tools. An injection moulding is only as good as the tool with which it was produced. Every tool is tested under production conditions in our Technical Centre and the contractually agreed specifications are verified and documented.

Ongoing quality assurance is like a red thread running through all areas of activity. This is how we achieve a consistently high standard with short innovation cycles from consultation to design and delivery

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015

Global changes in the environment and the increasing scarcity of resources also have an influence on the company’s philosophy. For many years Erwes-Reifenberg has practiced sustainability management particularly in regards to energy supplies. This is reflected in certifications under DIN ISO 9001:2008 and covers the areas of raw mass production, storage, logistics and waste disposal. During production, ecofriendly technologies are used. For the individual components, ecological requirements in the form of works standards are also laid down in respect of origin and material. Equally, the corresponding conformity declarations between suppliers and the company are strictly observed.

Against the background of demographic change, the Company also prepares its junior staff by offering high-quality training which goes beyond that actually needed within the Company.

Our ability to go beyond customer's expectations and deliver first-rate results has enabled us to export these products to over 80 countries worldwide. Subsequently, the international alignment of Erwes-Reifenberg is reflected in an export component of 50 % and an equally high level of domestic business.

The company’s philosophy centres on the belief that long-term success is only achievable when there is a determination to be better than the rest! This is why ongoing innovation is at the forefront of all the entrepreneurial activities of the company.