Portfolio of products and services

With the current 3D, CAD and CAM technology at our disposal, we build practical experience and production-related performance into your moulds. Ongoing advanced training within our design department team, back up our developments and assures the optimization of new products, engineering services and advanced tool design with many innovations.

Tools and all individual parts are evolved as 3D models. CAD System: Creo 2.0 (Pro E)

  • Development of complete assemblies
  • Lists of coordination measurements
  • Preparation of article drawings
  • Testing of components before the start of series-production tools from prototype or pilot tools
  • Coordination of individual components up to release for series production
  • Implementation as series-production tool

As our customer, you are at the centre of all our efforts. Contact with the customer is not a question of distance for us. You will be supported worldwide by our engineers and toolmakers. In close collaboration with you, we seek to provide the best solutions and guarantee tested quality. You can be assured that our supporting services will be at your disposal from the beginning of the project to the series-production stage to ensure your success.

We offer an all-in service for the areas of product counselling and development, planning, after-sales service, user training, commissioning and mould overhauls.

  • Manufacturing of prototypes, small-run, pilot and series-production tools
  • Sizes of up to about 1500 mm plate length and approx. 5 to. weight
  • Very high in-house component manufacturing
  • Highly automated engineering technology
  • 100% reproducibility of the manufactured components

The Technical Centre is the interface between Erwes Reifenberg and our customers. It is here that all the tools, whether prototype, small-run, pilot or high-performance series-production tool, are examined under the best possible conditions and optimized up to series-production standard. Naturally, we offer our customers the development and commissioning of complete plants up to the pilot series-production stage.

  • Technical Centre with 6 machines
  • Clamping forces from 20 to. to 420 to.
  • Tests from the first sample to series production
  • Production of pilot lots
  • Determination and precise recording of the optimal process parameters
  • Tool acceptances on site in the Technical Centre
  • Training of technical engineers and toolmakers for customers
  • Elaboration of concepts of preventive maintenance and instruction in such on site in customers’ factories and worldwide

We have an experienced team of toolmakers who can, if worse comes to worst, carry out on the spot repairs at short notice. We document all repairs and maintenance work in full, which leads to the development of appropriate concepts for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

We maintain an in-house parts store for our customers.